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NuFlow Technologies

NuFlow manufactures innovative equipment to rehabilitate failing pipe infrastructure, inside and outside the building, it is deployed by hundreds of contractors globally. https://vimeo.com/542358352 nuflow.com iramsey.ic@nuflow.com T: +44 771...

Kwik-ZIP Spacers

Kwik-ZIP ‘s patented casing spacers have been designed and developed in Australia and are now used world-wide across many different industry sectors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfOh7dgwJts kwikzip.com sales@kwikzip.com T: +61 8...

McElroy Manufacturing, Inc.

The leading manufacturer of high density polyethylene pipe fusion equipment providing customer-driven solutions to PE engineers and contractors worldwide. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KjqWnjrLRoY mcelroy.com customercare@mcelroy.com T: 9188368611 P.O. Box 580550 Tulsa, OK 74158 United...

S1E Limited

We are a specialist supplier of trenchless technology, supplying quality products from renowned manufacturers such as Picote, Brawoliner, Brandenburger, Uhrig and more. s1e.co.uk contact@s1e.co.uk T: 01226 397015 S1E...

Picote Solutions

Innovator & Manufacturer of pipe cleaning and rehabilitation equipment and tools for small diameter pipes DN32 - DN300. Picote Certified Training providers. https://youtu.be/b1agWFmn9-o picotesolutions.com Picote UK Ltd 30A...